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Choosing a photographer for your wedding, 10 characteristics to look for

Planning a wedding is an exciting time! As thrilling the time can be it can also bring some worries and anxiety with having to make all these decisions, hoping you made the right one.

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is choosing your wedding photographer. Why? Well, the number one reason is because the story of your wedding day will be preserved in the images your photographer will be capturing. When your fairy-tale day is over, the wedding cake is gone and flowers faded, what are you going to look at to recreate the feelings, the atmosphere, the excitement, and the joy of your wedding day? A single image can bring back all those emotions….

The other reason is that photographers work with you and your guests all day and it is important to choose a person that you feel comfortable with. And if you promised your uncle to let him photograph your wedding, make sure to ask him the questions you would ask any other photographer.

The decision won’t be hard to make, if you do your homework.

Here are 10 characteristics you should look for in your wedding photographer before making a decision:

1. Experience. This is invaluable for you to know! You cannot repeat the day! So, you want to make sure that the photographer you are about to hire has photographed a wedding or two before they experiment with yours. Believe it or not, but many photographers DO NOT photograph weddings. They know that a wedding puts a lot of responsibility and pressure on a photographer, one has to be on their toes at all times , have good people skills and patience, as well as be well prepared. Experienced photographer will help you to visualize your day and plan things accordingly. They also can be very helpful in recommending other good professionals for your wedding.

2. Backup Equipment. Since you have one shot at this it is imperative for you to have a peace of mind of knowing that your photographer is well prepared and has backup equipment: extra camera, extra flash, etc. Hopefully they have more than just an iPhone to start with.

3. Backup plan. None of us is invincible. Anything can happen. Ask your photographer if they have a backup photographer in case of illness or other emergency.

4. Personality. Just as you should not book a venue without seeing it, you should not hire a photographer without meeting them in person. You want to feel a connection with that person and know that he or she will add more fun and comfort to your day, not stress. Do you feel their passion about what they do and what they will do for you?

5. Communication skills. Normally you find out about a person’s communication skills or lack of after you already hired them. So, pay attention how long it takes any wedding vendor to get back to you. It should not take any longer than 24 hours.

6. Flexibility. You want to get a feel of how accommodating your photographer can be, obviously within reasons. Are they willing to customize their set packages for you? Do they offer payment options? Are they willing to go to a special location for your Engagement session?

7. Artistry and Quality. What sets a good photographer apart from a picture-taker is his or her photography art. Today we expect more out of a photographer than just a disc of digital images. Make sure to see the final product in person. The images can look good on a website, but do they hold its quality on canvas or so popular wedding storybooks? Remember, your wedding book is your Family Heirloom; it should stand the test of time.

8. On-line image viewing and mobile sharing. In today’s mobile society it is important for us to see and especially share our images using our phones. Make sure your photographer offers a convenient method of sharing your wedding images. Your bridal party will be the first who would want to see your wedding pictures!

9. Testimonials. There is no better way of learning about the photographer you are about to hire than hearing testimonials from people who have had experience with that person. Make sure to check references or read testimonials.

10. Value. When you see a photographer’s work and evaluate what they are offering to create for you, do you feel that what you see is worth the investment? Remember, you get what you pay for and you cannot recreate that special day!

Make sure to interview more than one photographer in person. Take the time, it will be worth the investment. Consultations are normally free. I’d be happy to meet with you and go over your plans for your wedding day photography, answer all your questions and help you in any way whether you consider hiring Photography By Luba or not. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 12 years and I am just happy to be sharing my knowledge.

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