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The Perfect Dress

Wow- He asked, you said 'yes'- All Brides can't wait to pick out their perfect Wedding Dress- Resist the temptation to invite everyone you know to go with you to 'help' pick out a dress- Reduce your stress and invite mom and a few friends to go with you- or just go by yourself. As helpful as you think your friends may be, normally, this is not always the case.

While you may think ordering on-line is a good idea to save money- that is not always the best idea. Going to a reputable privately owned Bridal Shop that has been in business for a long time is your best bet. They will be able to help you to find the best dress for your body shape and personality, as well as suggest and help you with proper undergarments to give you the best look possible. So many times the dress you fall in love with, may not look right on your body type, so trying on different styles will give you a great variety to see what looks best. This will save you money and frustrations in the long run, from alterations to accessorizing your dress and wedding party. Too many times we have had brides in tears, who have ordered on-line and the dress they got was nothing like the dress that was pictured, 3 or 4 sizes smaller than what was ordered, the style looks bad, poor quality fabrics and impossible to take apart and alter. You really don't want a nightmare with your wedding dress. Affordable Elegance Bridal in Coeur d' Alene has been helping brides find their perfect dress since 1995.

A few more ideas : You will want to put together a guest list and find a venue that fits your style. Venues book up quickly- up to a year prior, so as soon as you know the wedding date- you will want to check out venues. If your wedding date is flexible, sometimes you can get a good deal if you choose an off day- other than Saturday.

Next you will want to look for a photographer as a photographer can only do one wedding a day- they book up quickly. Ask your photographer if they will be there the day of your wedding as sometimes they fill in with an apprentice if they are a large photography studio. If you can't get the photographer you want- keep looking. You don't want to skimp or pick the wrong photographer or vendor for your wedding- WEDNI members do weddings everyday and are happy to help you -

There is a lot to putting together a wedding- so you will want to keep a notebook of Honeymoon specialists, officiants, caterers, florists, wedding cake and DJ's, etc. You may even want to consider a wedding planner if your time is

Perfect wedding dress

limited. You will want to make sure you have what you discussed with each vendor in writing so there are no last minute mix ups-

. . . . Staying organized will be your best friend!

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