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Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake may just be the most significant confection you ever buy, so it's key to know how to choose the best cake for your wedding.

Your cake doesn't have to be white and round. There are so many other choices. To figure out the best design, look to your venue, the time of year and, of course, your personal sense of style and wedding theme. There are many cake shapes too. Beyond the traditional round cake, there's a slew of other options. Square cakes are hugely popular -- and a great way to showcase a modern wedding style. But those are just the beginning: you can choose from hexagonal, oval, petal-shaped and even triangle wedding cakes! When it comes to icing, you'll have a number of choices. Buttercream (made from butter and sugar) is smooth and creamy, and it stays soft -- so it's easy to cut, color and flavor. Fondant is another popular option; it's rolled out before it's draped over the cake and makes a smooth, firm base for decorative details. Pastry and More offers their signature frosting that is very tasty and popular.

The biggest misconception about wedding cakes is that they're designed to look good but taste less than fabulous. Pastry and More understands how planning a menu, coordinating a theme, selecting flowers and choosing a venue can be overwhelming. We would be happy to help take the worry out of creating a one of a kind wedding cake and show you how good wedding cake can be.

If you're looking for ideas or suggestions - Call Pastry and More today, we would love to discuss your wedding plans with you to help you create a once in a lifetime wedding experience.

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