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New Member Information

Welcome to Wed'NI!  You have just joined a group of event and wedding professionals from the North Idaho and Spokane area. 


By now, you would have received a welcome email from our organization similar to the information listed below.  If you missed this email, here is the information for you again.  


At any time during your membership, feel free to send us new and updated photos of your business.  We will add them to your image files on our drive.  These images will be used on WED'NI's social media and to update the website.

Wedding Table

Let’s get your business listed on our website!  There is a link below, 'Submit Your Business Info Here,' where you can quickly answer these questions below.  Here is what we need to know.


How should your business name appear on the website?  EI — correct capitalization. Do you want us to list .inc or LLC 

Business Address. Do you have a physical address you would like us to publish?  EI — Do you have a location for customers to come to? 

Business Phone Number. Do you want to list it? 

Any other details to consider for the correct presentation of your business?


Content for Social Media and our Website: 

An elevator pitch for your business that is around 4-8 sentences.


6-7 images or videos that best represent your brand, product, business, etc.  If you have reels or TikTok videos, we would love to share them on social media!

            - Please include a photo of you/owners/managers/team that will be used to introduce you as a new member on our social media.  

            - Please make sure to include a list of other vendors who were included in the content to tag. 


A copy of your favorite client review.


The sooner we can get your company listed on our website and social media, the quicker you'll experience the benefits of your membership. 


We can't wait to start working with you!

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