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Plan a Wedding

Organizing a ceremony and reception can be a big undertaking, not to worry though, with the combined years of experience of our WEDNI members - we are happy to help you make your Wedding day magical.


Envision your wedding from beginning to end. Where and when have you dreamed to be the perfect wedding venue? How formal would you like the event to be? What will the wedding party wear? Will you need a Wedding Coordinator? Photographer? Music? Flowers? Invitations? What kind of food, cake would you like to serve? Where will your Honeymoon be? No worries, pick a date and begin your adventure~  Set a budget--one that is functional and provides for some flexibility. Here is where you must combine fantasy with practicality.  Keep a notebook to fill with things like swatches of fabric, notes, and vendor contracts.


Best news yet, you don't have to do it alone. Our professional WEDNI members are ready to help you plan your wedding from beginning to end to make your dream wedding a reality.

How may we help?

Are you having trouble finding a DJ, caterer, or dance floor? We gotcha!  Just complete this contact form, giving us the details of what type of item or vendor you are looking for. 


One of our members will be in touch with you soon to help you on your path to planning your biggest day ever!

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